Viktoriia Voitsitska: Lack of professionalism and basic knowledge about the energy market result in false conclusions and slander

According to Samopomich MP Viktoriia Voitsitska, the accusations made by Iryna Herashchenko against the veterans and representatives of Samopomich – saying that due to the blockade of trade with the occupied territories, the thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants did not contract for a sufficient amount of coal for the heating season – are absolutely groundless.

She notes that it was not because of the blockade that the generating companies could not purchase fuel – they simply do not have the money for it. “As a matter of fact, the state-owned company “Enerhorynok”, which is an intermediary and sells electricity from private thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants to end-users, did not settle up with them for the previous periods. Why? Because for all the time since the beginning of the war in the East Ukraine has been delivering electricity to the uncontrolled occupied territories, while nobody pays for it. That means, “Enerhorynok” has no money to settle up with the generating companies, while plants have no means to purchase the necessary amount of coal.”

Viktoriia Voitsitska considers that such a situation is the result of criminal inaction by the leadership of the state regarding recognition of the occupation of Ukrainian territories and the absence of a ban on any economic relations with these territories.

“The state, which is among other things represented by the coalition forces – including Mrs. Herashchenko – sabotaged the recognition of the reality. We did not recognize the occupation and did not define clear rules for cooperation with the occupied territories, nor did we impose the obligations to provide for these territories on Russia – the occupying state. Therefore, today Ukrainians are forced to cover all expenses for the maintenance of the occupied territories on their own,” the MP notes.

And one more thing to which Viktoriia Voitsitska draws attention: “The decision to stop trade with the temporarily occupied territories was not made by the protesters or the representatives of Samopomich. On March 15, the National Security and Defense Council officially announced this, and there has been an official blockade of trade with the occupation administrations ever since, which was approved at the highest state level,” the MP underscores.

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