Military uniform, NATO standards and borderlands. Military Day in the Verkhovna Rada

It is not the one that wears a uniform that is a hero, but the one who has deserved this uniform. The Verkhovna Rada has forbidden to wear a military uniform in an indiscriminate way. Those who have no right to wear a uniform will be punished with fines, explains MP Taras Pastukh.

“Today, these are only active military personnel that can wear uniform and chevrons. Nowadays, there are a lot of people in the streets whose clothes are similar to the military ones. Therefore, it is difficult to figure out whether this person is a military man, or he is just going hunting. All the NATO countries have things like these very strictly regulated. That is, people who are not related to military service cannot use uniform and chevrons.”

To date, the Ministry of Defence has approved the samples of uniforms for the Armed Forces and, accordingly, the chevrons of various types of troops and subunits. And these uniforms can be worn by military personnel exclusively. The “right to the uniform” will be checked by police officers, military prosecutors, and the military police.

There will be an administrative punishment for non-compliance – a penalty ranging from 100 to 200 and even 250 non-taxable minimums. The amount of the fine will depend on the violation or its repetition.

Those who desecrate the commemorative monuments to the military who died during the hostilities in the East and during the Second World War will bear criminal liability.

The Verkhovna Rada has also introduced the term “NATO standards”. Taras Pastukh explains, “Ukraine is using its own standards, but very often we hear about “NATO standards” in the legal field, and in Ukrainian legislation, these standards were not spelt out anyhow. Therefore, such a conceptual term is introduced now, and certain standards that are common in NATO member countries can be embraced by this term.”

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