Samopomich statement: The war has become business for the authorities

The war has become business for the authorities. Therefore the following things became possible:
– Trade with the occupier. It’s obvious that when buying goods from the occupied territories, we fund the occupation. While hypocritically calling upon the world to step up sanctions against Russia, the government is funding the occupation with the money of Ukrainian people.
– Financing the “controlled companies” in the occupied territories. Common sense dictates that it is only the occupier that can control something in the occupied territories. Therefore, the occupier is carrying weapons for its occupation troops by Ukrainian state railway enterprise “Ukrzaliznytsia”.
– Removing the responsibility from Russia. That’s why the martial law wasn’t imposed, whereas the Minsk agreements were signed; the occupation hasn’t been recognized in the course of three years, and Russia is disappearing from the official documents of the Ukrainian government as the source of war.
These things are not accidental – this is an elaborate scheme of the business built on blood in the unnamed war.
The officials of the highest levels make money from this scheme with the approval and support of the occupier and his loyal “kings of Donbas”.
There is no better way to destroy the desire to defend your country than to trade with the enemy. The commander who gives an order cease fire in order to let the train cars with coal from the occupier pass has no honor. 700 thousand cars of legalized contraband from the occupied territories destroy the motivation of soldiers more than the most cynical propaganda. Because this is no lies, this is real.
Just as real is the Russian occupation, which is based on the Russian military and the Russian arms, not on the mythical “terrorists”.
The Parliament has to recognize the truth – to declare that Russia is the occupier and to prohibit trade both with the occupied territories and the very occupier.
Samopomich faction has long suggested adopting a bill “On the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”, which also provides a de-occupation algorithm which would ensure that under the guise of a “peace plan” the war criminals are not amnestied all of the sudden and elected as mayors and deputies.
The Parliament clearly lacks independence to deprive its owners of the extremely profitable business. Therefore, Samopomich insists on adoption of the law on Russia’s responsibility for the occupation of part of Ukraine. This will make Russia accountable for its crimes, and the trade with the occupier will be less immoral.
But to make this happen parliamentarians need support of people who need to be more convincing than the income of the traders at the forefront. Samopomich faction calls on Ukrainians to help MPs take a pro-Ukrainian decision.

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