Samopomich: Lack of a coherent foreign policy in Ukraine threatens its national interests
Samopomich MPs are convinced that the lack of a coherent and reasonable foreign policy in Ukraine threatens the national interests of our state. The fact that the Israeli Prime Minister canceled the visit of the Prime Minister of Ukraine due to Ukraine’s position concerning the UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements in Palestine means that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has left the Prime Minister in the lurch and posed a threat to the authority of the Government, in which he is working himself.
Once again Samopomich is emphasizing that the failure of Ukraine’s foreign policy and its security and defence sector is due to the fact that foreign policy as well as the security and defence policy of Ukraine is formed outside the Government and is out of the reach of the parliamentary control. The ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence cannot serve as subsidiary bodies of the Administration of the President or of the Secretariat of the National Security Council, They have to become full members of the government team.
In addition, Samopomich draws attention to the fact that the UN Security Council’s position regarding the assessment of the effects of the occupation and the occupiers is one-dimensional. While strictly condemning Israeli actions in Palestine, the UN Security Council has been ignoring the Russian occupation of the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions for three years. On top of that, Samopomich is convinced that the consistent with the occupier way of the Ukrainian diplomats’ voting in the UN humiliates the people who are fighting with this occupier. All in all, Samopomich notes that the decision on Israel was taken on the eve of the Knesset’s consideration of the recognition of Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.
Taking this into account, Samopomich has questions to one person who made the decision on the voting – to the President of Ukraine – what is the real reason behind such a decision?
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