Boryspil’s refusal automatically shuts down the flight prospects of Ryanair in Lviv as well – Kiral

Negotiations with Ryanair began in Lviv back in 2011; in 2012, there were already first visits and meetings with the then Yanukovych government… It was because of the lobbying of the oligarchs, in particular Kolomoiskyi – the owner of UIA, the largest air transportation operator with a monopoly position in Ukraine – that back then there was neither political will in Kyiv, nor the necessary levers for negotiating at the level of airports.  Common Aviation Agreement with the EU, which was ready and initialed back in 2014, the conclusion of which could open the aviation market for international carriers, has not yet been signed.

Following Maidan, the de-oligarchization and de-monopolization declared by the new President and government gave hope to millions of Ukrainians, to thousands of labor migrants for cheap air transportation. And yet what we see today are lies and hypocrisy and the game of thrones, when the oligarchs through their henchmen at senior positions in the largest Ukrainian airport Boryspil, with the tacit consent of the leadership of the state, are virtually destroying this hope. Because it is not profitable. It is profitable for Lviv, but somehow isn’t for Boryspil. Maybe it’s because in Lviv there is a tradition of caring about people, ordinary Ukrainians and future generations, instead of creating corrupt schemes, and making fortunes?

Under the terms of cooperation, the world’s largest airline is ready to enter the Ukrainian market at once and only in two airports – Lviv and Boryspil. Boryspil’s refusal automatically shuts down Lviv’s prospects to develop within the framework of a strategy agreed with the Ministry of Infrastructure as a hub airport for budget airlines.

Perhaps it’s paranoia, but after an artificial blockade and application of selective justice aimed to stop the implementation of the CTPark project – the first real industrial park with the participation of the largest Dutch developer in this field – CTP company – it is likely that there is another goal – to destroy Lviv, to bring it to its knees; to make it an unimportant provincial town on the periphery of civilizational development.

I appeal to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Infrastructure to use the state administration levers in order to protect the interests of millions of Ukrainians, instead of just one oligarch and one company.

Photo: Ryanair

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