Open letter from Oleh Bereziuk to the President of Ukraine

Dear Mr. President!

The garbage blockade of Lviv has reached the point after which a direct threat to a million people begins. No political contradictions, ambitions or ratings have the right to launch a mechanism of humiliation of people, which has been going on for a year already.

After the fire in the landfill a year ago and the closure of the landfill, all regions of Ukraine – under pressure from Kyiv – refused to take garbage away from Lviv.

The Lviv Regional State Administration has failed to allocate a site for a landfill and waste processing plant, even in terms of imitation of the Prime Minister’s interference.

Carriers are prevented from performing their work, private and communal landfill owners are frankly intimidated. Instead of protecting law and order, the law enforcement authorities are being used as one of the tools of the blockade, which provides pressure on carriers and landfill owners.

It is impossible to imagine that in any civilized country of the world the central authorities could deliberately terrorize a million of their citizens. In Ukraine, the entire state machine is working outside the legal framework – in the best traditions of telephone justice with the aim of making Lviv drown in its garbage.

I am appealing to you as to the President of Ukraine – stop this humiliation of a million of Ukrainian citizens.

I demand:

– to immediately open landfills so that Lviv could take away the garbage;

– to ensure the unimpeded disposal of garbage;

– to allocate a site for a new reserve landfill for Lviv and 4 districts of the region, which will meet the State Building Norms В.2.4-2-2005 “Solid Household Waste Landfills”.

No ratings or political ambitions are worth the life and health of people.

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