Open letter to the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal

Dear Mr. Moskal,

The other day the Transcarpathian regional council, the Berehove district and city councils appealed to the President of Ukraine with a request to veto the Law on Education.

I have no doubt that the citizens of Ukraine who live and work in the Transcarpathian region are law-abiding and intelligent people. My only doubt is whether you, Mr. Moskal, are a law-abiding responsible official and a statesman.

Your last comments on the “language article” of the Education Law surprised me and my colleagues from various political forces and made us doubt your qualification as a lawyer and doubt the legal education provided by the departmental institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Or, perhaps, you skipped classes from time to time?

Since there is no point in seeking help from the Security Service – because the latter is only fictional de jure in Ukraine – I would like to address you with an offer: if you need to have the norms of international law or the law of Ukraine explained, I am ready to cover by means of my deputy salary the cost of the trip to Uzhhorod or Berehove for several graduates of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy or the Ukrainian Catholic University, who would calmly, respectfully, and lovingly explain to you the norms laid down in the “language article” in layman’s terms and in detail, because apparently no one is willing to read long texts. In addition, together with you they could meet with the deputy corps of the Transcarpathian, Berehove city and district councils and nicely discuss with them Art. 7 of the Education Law.

Your allegation that the mentioned statements are “pro-Ukrainian” is as false as the Kremlin’s one saying “there are simply no Russian troops in Ukraine.” I see that you also need professional help in communicative practices, because if you do not understand the essence of the Law yourself, how can you explain it to others?

In addition, looks like you do not know that flags of other states are placed on top of some district and city councils of the Transcarpathian region? In particular, in Berehove. Or Berehove is no longer a city in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine? So please put me in the picture; maybe something has changed and this is already a regular thing?

With regard to the Independent Test ratings, the passports that Russia had been issuing in the Crimea for years, the Russian flags fluttering at the beginning of the war in the Donetsk, Luhansk regions and not only – I believe you certainly can tell me more than I can tell you. There is no use stating who did what for Ukraine in the past, what we need now is to work avoiding the mistakes of that past, and this, of course, requires high intellectual tension and unconventional actions, provided that you are a subject of power, not a puppet in the hands of the politicians of other states.

Therefore, with all due respect and care for you, with love for the beautiful Transcarpathia and its beautiful people, I ask: do your work to ensure compliance with the Constitution, laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other executive bodies of the highest level, because there are yet many people apart from you who can propagate public discontent out of thin air, manipulate the norms of laws, aggravate people, and disorganize the state at all levels.

Yours faithfully,

MP Iryna Podoliak

Iryna Podoliak
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