“Open lists”: How did Samopomich vote in Khmelnytskyi region?

According to the results of the Samopomich party members’ voting in the Khmelnitsky region, Liliia Brukhnova – a deputy of the Khmelnytskyi regional council and the head doctor of the Khmelnytskyi regional psycho-neurological dispensary – will have the priority to represent the region on Samopomich’s electoral list.

In addition to her, during today’s meeting in the Khmelnytskyi region, the credit of trust from party members was given to:

– Mykola Yanchuk, deputy of the Khmelnytskyi regional council, proctologist of the Khmelnytskyi regional hospital with 40 years of experience, honoured doctor of Ukraine;

– Borys Benkovskyi, businessman, chairman of the Kamianets-Podilsk district branch of the Samopomich Union party;

– Liudmyla Panfilova, deputy of the Volochysk city council;

– Nataliia Koval, deputy of the Khmelnytskyi regional council, head of the Netishyn district party organization. The results of the rating of deputies:

  1. Iryna Podoliak
  2. Tetiana Ostrikova
  3. Oleh Bereziuk
  4. Roman Semenukha
  5. Oksana Syroyid

We shall recall that the open lists of Samopomich are formed according to the following principle:

– party activists in the regions secretly rank the acting people’s deputies from the party and representatives of the regions. This is how 2/3 of the list is formed.

– another one third is left for community activists and independent experts.

– the entire list of candidates will be made public for discussion.

In general, the list will consist of 80% of new faces.


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