“Open lists” in action: Who was delegated to the Samopomich list by Cherkasy?

Regional organizations of the Samopomich Union party continue ranking the future parliamentary candidates from the party. Today the voting was held in Cherkasy.

Viacheslav Skichko – the head of the regional organization of the Samopomich Union, a well-known military volunteer of the Cherkasy region, who is also actively involved in supporting the establishment of the condominiums in Cherkasy, ranked first among the party members.

“Being a people’s deputy is a big responsibility and serious work. So I am grateful to my colleagues for proposing my candidacy. I have discussed my colleagues’ decision with my family and my wife supported me,” Viacheslav Skichko commented on the voting.

Dina Zhuk-Verbova is second according to the voting. She heads the Chyhyryn district organization of the party and is a member of the local United Territorial Community; she is actively engaged in the development of tourism. The third one is Nataliia Koval, who heads the Samopomich office in Shpola. The next one is the deputy of the Cherkasy City Council and the chairman of the city organization of the Samopomich Union Oleksiy Romanov. And number 5 is Oleksandr Mokriyenko – the chairman of the Kaniv city organization of the Samopomich Union.

According to the results of ranking the MPs who are members of the Samopomich faction, Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroyid, Tetiana Ostrikova, Iryna Sysoyenko and Oleh Lavryk were in the top five, respectively.

We shall remind that from May 13 to May 27, regional offices of the Samopomich Union party will hold meetings at which members of the party will form a list of future candidates for people’s deputies on the Samopomich electoral list.

Party members are ranking the current members of the Samopomich faction in parliament, as well as representatives of regional branches. At the same time, one-third of the future list is reserved for community activists, independent experts and potential allies.

All party members of the relevant regional organization determine the position of the candidate on the working list by secret voting.


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