“Open lists” in the “home” region: who will represent Lviv region on the Samopomich list?

On Saturday, May 18, a general meeting of the Samopomich Union party members was held in Lviv. Members of the Lviv regional organization gave the priority to represent their region on the party list and then in the parliament to Paraskoviia Dvorianyn. She was ranked number one among all the delegated candidates.

Paraskoviia Dvorianyn is a deputy of the Lviv regional council, a lecturer at the Department of Radio Broadcasting and Television of the Lviv National University.

The following places among the representatives of the region were distributed as follows:

Roman Kizyma, deputy of the Lviv regional council;

Inna Svystun, deputy of Lviv regional council;

Pavlo Bakunets, mayor of Yavoriv;

Liubov Holubitska, deputy of the Boryslav district council;

Viktoriia Dovzhyk, deputy of Lviv city council, advisor of the mayor;

Oleksandr Zozulia, Mayor of Peremyshliany;

Yuriy Melnyk, lawyer, head of the faction in the Lviv city council;

Oksana Shvaiuk, volunteer, deputy of Kamianka Buzka city society;

Andriy Povroznyk, deputy of the Stryi city council.

As for voting for the current MPs, the results are as follows:

Oleh Bereziuk;

Oleh Lavryk;

Liubomyr Zubach;

Oksana Syroyid;

Serhiy Kiral.

We shall recall that the open lists of Samopomich are formed according to the following principle:

– party activists in the regions secretly rank the acting people’s deputies from the party and representatives of the regions. This is how 2/3 of the list is formed.

– another one third is left for community activists and independent experts.

– the entire list of candidates will be made public for discussion.

In general, the list will consist of 80% of new faces.

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