Samopomich’s open lists: Tomorrow the party will present candidates to the Verkhovna Rada and will publicly determine their places on the list

Honest and experienced MPs and 80% of fresh faces – these are the people with whom Samopomich will go to the parliamentary election. Despite the fact that the current parliament did not have enough political will to adopt the electoral law with open lists, the party decided to introduce this principle on its own. And on Wednesday there will be the final discussion and the results of ratings in the regions will be presented.

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, said about this on the air of “Svoboda Slova” TV show on ICTV channel.

“We are going to run in the parliamentary election as a union. We kept 30% of places for leaders of public opinion, expert media, and at the same time, we are conducting primaries inside the party. First of all, we are ranking the current deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who work in the Samopomich faction. Each regional organization gathers and evaluates their work. And then we will see who will have the first place, who will be the second one, who will be the third and so on. And the same goes for our leaders in the regions,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

The final list, which will be formed on Wednesday, will be submitted by Samopomich for public discussions and transferred to anti-corruption organizations: “Chesno” movement, the Anti-Corruption Center, Opora, Transparency International.

“We will ask them to evaluate each of the candidates. Because only decent, high-quality people should enter parliament. We already have some experience and we are ready to move forward, to ask Ukrainians for the credit of trust in the next parliament,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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