“Open lists”: how did Dnipropetrovsk region vote?

In Dnipropetrovsk region, Yuriy Akulenko – private entrepreneur, chairman of the Samopomich Union faction in the Dnipro city council – was ranked number one in the Samopomich regional list.

Places from second to fifth are as follows:

2. Yuliia Polyvoda – IT specialist, involved in the development of e-government;

3. Iryna Turovska – entrepreneur, public figure in the housing and utilities sector, certified coach;

4. Serhiy Hanzha – head of IT company, author of socially important start-ups and projects in the city council;

5. Anatoliy Ivakhno – head of a public organization, expert on environmental issues.

As for the ranking of current MPs, the results are the following:

1. Roman Semenukha

2. Oleh Bereziuk

3. Oksana Syroyid

4. Tetiana Ostrikova

5. Oleh Lavryk

We shall recall that the open lists of Samopomich are formed according to the following principle:

– party activists in the regions secretly rank the acting people’s deputies from the party and representatives of the regions. This is how 2/3 of the list is formed.

– another one third is left for community activists and independent experts.

– the entire list of candidates will be made public for discussion.

In general, the list will consist of 80% of new faces.

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