Samopomich’s open lists: How did the party rank its representatives in the parliament?

According to the results of the voting in Samopomich regional branches and the decision of the political council, the Samopomich Union Party has formed its first working list for parliamentary elections. It includes thirteen current MPs representing the Samopomich faction, who have expressed a desire to run in the parliamentary elections with the party:

Oleh Bereziuk

Oksana Syroyid

Oleh Lavryk

Roman Semenukha

Tetiana Ostrikova

Liubomyr Zubach

Taras Pastukh

Ruslan Sydorovych

Iryna Sysoyenko

Anna Romanova

Ihor Didenko

Pavlo Kostenko

Serhiy Kiral

We shall recall that the general electoral list of the Samopomich Union will be formed on the basis of three working lists. The first one is a list of current MPs, the second one is the list of party leaders in the regions, the third one is the list of leaders of public opinion and the expert community.

A unified electoral list of the party will be formed by alternately including one person from each working list. Therefore, every three consecutive numbers of party’s final electoral list will include a representative of each working list, taking into account the principle of gender equality.

According to the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, the party will present the general electoral list for public discussion and hand it over to anti-corruption public organizations for verification. 80% of the list will consist of fresh for the Ukrainian parliament faces.

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