“Open lists” in Ivano-Frankivsk region: Who will represent the region on the Samopomich list?

On Sunday, May 19, a general meeting of the Samopomich Union members was held in the Ivano-Frankivsk party organization. According to the results of the primaries, Vasyl Kindiy – director of the “Naftoterminal” enterprise of the “Galnaftogaz” concern – was ranked number one.

The following places were taken by:

– Mykola Shiliak – Head of the Tysmenytsia district organization of the Samopomich Union, Deputy of the Tysmenytsia district council

– Serhiy Kotsiur – Head of the Kolomyia city party organization, in 2015-2018 – first deputy mayor of Kolomyia

– Yuriy Kikinchuk – Chairman of the Verkhovyna regional organization of the Samopomich Union, chief specialist in personnel work, legal support, consumer rights protection and restoration of the rights of the rehabilitated in the district council, chairman of the NGO “Information and analytical development centre of Verkhovyna”

– Oksana Melanyuk – physician, paediatrician of the Nadvirna emergency medical care centre

– Nataliia Zakharova – entrepreneur, head of the NGO “Invest”, member of the Kalush city Samopomich organization

As for voting for the current MPs, the results are as follows:

  1. Oleh Bereziuk;
  2. Oksana Syroyid;
  3. Oleh Lavryk;
  4. Liubomyr Zubach;
  5. Tetiana Ostrikova.

We shall recall that the open lists of Samopomich are formed according to the following principle:

– party activists in the regions secretly rank the acting people’s deputies from the party and representatives of the regions. This is how 2/3 of the list is formed.

– another one third is left for community activists and independent experts.

– the entire list of candidates will be made public for discussion.

In general, the list will consist of 80% of new faces.

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