Ivan Miroshnichenko’s open appeal to the President of Ukraine

Dear Mr. President,

Would you be so kind as to keep your word and sign the bill #7403-d!

For almost three months, bill #7403-d adopted by the parliament on May 22, 2018 has been waiting for your signature. This is the bill that gives the right to agrarians to receive compensation of VAT when exporting soybean and rapeseed cultivated by them. However, you have not signed it yet!

The situation is surprising and difficult to understand, because you, as the head of state, were one of the first to share the concern of the agrarians who were deprived of 16 billion hryvnias during the budget night and had this money transferred to the pockets of the processing industry. There is no doubt that we should support processors, but not at the expense of commodity producers, and why only in the fat-and-oil industry. The abolition of export VAT refunds for agrarians in late 2017 is an unprecedented, lobbyist, discriminatory regulation adopted during the budget night with a number of violations (of the voting procedures and even of international agreements).

In order to restore justice, to return VAT refund to all market participants and to save the funds of small and medium-sized farmers (about whose interests and protection you are constantly talking), to return the fair purchase price to the producers of soybean and rapeseed, farmers organized strikes in winter and blocked roads, held rallies under the Verkhovna Rada, held forums, that is, fought for the abolition of the shameful legislative norms by all means available to them. Together with other deputies, we drafted bill #7403, later #7403-2, which was supported by 15 regional councils, the agrarian committee, all major associations and a number of international organizations.

However, the tax committee developed its own bill #7403-d. As a result, the parliamentarians agreed to this compromise of the “lesser evil” and voted for it. However, you are not signing even this document. This delay has a negative effect on the producer and all market participants. Losses are already borne by farmers, since the problem is already one year old. Evil was done by several people in 1 hour during the night voting for the budget 2018, and now it takes thousands of people to rectify the situation: deputies, regional councils, associations. Over this time, leading agrarian associations, participants in the forums, as well as MPs have repeatedly asked you to sign this bill. Apparently, the appeals are not reaching you and either the bill has fallen off your radar or there is a strong lobby preventing you from signing it.

September 1 is around the corner, and forward contracts for soybeans have been “frozen” for months due to the failure to sign the bill and reduced purchase prices in the market for the commodity producers. What or who is the reason for such a delay? Give an answer to all agrarians and market participants, as well as international markets.

Do you really want to make agrarians resort to blocking roads again? Or this time they should come directly to your Administration?!

You promised to support and prevent the losses of 16 billion hryvnias, so sign the law that can reduce the losses of producers.

Unfortunately, the practice of untimely signing has become a habitual norm. In our case, a powerful lobby is waging a war against agrarians at the expense of the latter. The patience of agricultural producers will once come to an end!

So when will the bill #7403-d be signed?

Ivan Miroshnichenko
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