Today, elections to 51 United Territorial Communities were held in Ukraine (Updated at 20:00)

The elections to 51 United Territorial Communities in 17 regions of Ukraine have started.

The voting process is also monitored by observers from Samopomich. They have already documented the first violations.

In the Berezan community in Mykolayiv region, two filled voting ballots already lie in the ballot box for home voting, though the voting has not yet begun.

Observers from Samopomich will continue to monitor the voting process in order to promptly inform you about possible violations and the activity of voters

Updated at 13:00

As of 12:00, the voter turnout in 17 regions of Ukraine is approximately 20%. Systemic violations have not yet been detected, but our observers have recorded the following:

In Odesa region, Moloha village council recorded the agitation of voters. In the Tairov UTC, the polling stations opened late; clashes and queues were recorded.

In the village of Rozsoshentsi (Poltava region), residents were brought to the polling stations by a special bus. According to our information, the bus belongs to “Tereshky” enterprise, whose manager is one of the candidates to Shcherbaniv UTC.

There is no electricity in the village of Konotop in Chernihiv region. This is because of the bad weather the consequences of which are being eliminated by emergency services.

At one of the polling stations in the Chernivtsi region, the name of the candidate from Samopomich was not listed.

Three polling stations in the Zaporizhia region opened late due to the recount and sealing of ballot boxes.

Updated at 16:00

The voter turnout in the polling stations is rather low. As of 16:00, less than half of voters have voted.

The registered violations:

In the village of Strointsi of Chernivtsi region, which is part of the Novosilka UTC, the bulletins were not found at the polling station. This is due to an error in the voter lists. The residents who were supposed to vote in one district, were on the lists in another.

In Ovidiopol district of Odesa region, two PEC members issued ballots to the people who do not belong to this constituency. Police were called. In Tairiv district of the Odesa region, observers documented an organized busing of voters. At one of the polling stations, a voter tried to take a bulletin outside the polling station.

In Lviv region, at 5 polling stations, observers from Samopomich recorded the presence of men in black with stripes of the “Vilni Liudy” organization. They are registered as observers and journalists and monitor the voting process.

Also, in Kamianka Buzka in Lviv region, near a local school, a car was spotted treating voters to vodka.

Updated at 20:00

The voting is over. The turnout is about 50% on average.

In Tairiv UTC in Odesa region, there is an attempt to disrupt the election. At the polling station #510685, the chairman and secretary disappeared having seized the seal and all documents. The police were called, but the fugitives have not been found. The election process at this polling station has not been stopped.

In Kamianko-Dniprovsk district of the Zaporizhia region, an organized delivery of people to the polling station was recorded. The police made a report on the violation.

Chernivtsi region: the observers recorded attempts to receive bulletins without a passport or with a driver’s license.

In Okhtyrka district of the Sumy region, the bribery of voters with vodka was recorded. An appropriate act was drawn up.

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