“Kharkiv is 30 km away from Russia. The city can be shelled without the enemy’s crossing the border” – Tetiana Bidniak

“In the first days of the war, I came to the 92nd brigade to see if they could protect me and my family. I arrived and saw brave guys who didn’t even have socks provided. Then, together with the volunteer group “Help Army”, together with people we raised the army. We provided for it, found clothes and shoes, repaired equipment. Our task is to guarantee safety,” this is how a volunteer from Kharkiv, Tetiana Bidniak – number 4 on the Samopomich electoral list – learned about the army realities.

The formation of a strong professional army and the peaceful life of each Ukrainian citizen are security priorities for Samopomich in the new parliament.

“The war, which is here nearby, will not allow the country to develop. The military has such a term – “within the range of artillery”. Kharkiv is 30 km away from the border. The enemy may not even enter the territory of Ukraine to bombard the city. Therefore, the issue of security is of fundamental importance for me,” Tetiana Bidniak stated this on the air of “Freedom of Speech” TV program on ICTV channel.

Tetiana is a volunteer with many years of experience. From the first day of the war, she has been engaged in providing the military with everything necessary. She is a co-founder and coordinator of several volunteer organizations and foundations. She knows from her own experience what the Ukrainian army needs.

“For all these years I have been helping the army, but I cannot influence the processes systematically. Neither the Ministry of Defence, nor the General Staff has legislatively regulated capabilities, for example, to quickly purchase equipment.

We have obsolete, rusty vehicles running at the front line. Our soldiers are not provided with sufficient light armoured vehicles. Security and a strong professional army are the priorities for me.

The Samopomich team has been working in this direction for a long time. I will continue this course and in addition to volunteering, I will help the army at the legislative level,” explained Bidniak.

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