Verkhovna Rada should draft and adopt a separate law on state protection of the ATO fighters

Today, social security guarantees for ATO fighters and their families are mentioned in several laws of Ukraine. However, the soldiers and families of those killed very often face difficulties, and sometimes it is impossible to get the benefits, because the documents contain provisions causing inconsistent interpretation of these laws. Therefore, wives and mothers of the ATO participants urge the Parliament to draft and adopt a separate law ensuring state guarantees of the protection of the ATO fighters and their families. This important public initiative has found support among the people’s deputies of the Samopomich Union faction.

During a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada representatives of Ukrainian women’s organizations “Association of wives and mothers of soldiers participating in ATO”, “Association of mothers of the soldiers killed in ATO” and “Association of relatives of the missing and the dead defenders of Ukraine” told about the problems of soldiers and their families.

In addition to the legislative contradictions, modern defenders of Ukraine have to wait in the general queue along with the veterans of World War II and so on. For example, when a fighter upon coming from the front seeks sanatorium treatment, there are already queues for 3-4 months to go.

Today, social securities for the soldiers participating in ATO are spelled out in the Law of Ukraine “On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection” (1993), the Law of Ukraine “On pension security of persons dismissed from military service and certain other persons” (1992), the Law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families” (1992). Therefore, separation of the category of fighters of a modern war for independence and the creation of a Law on civil protection of precisely the soldiers participating in ATO and their families – this, according to activists and MPs – is the only solution to the problem.

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