The Verkhovna Rada should release city and village heads from slavery and humiliation and give them back their powers – Roman Semenukha

“In the near future, a new budget process will begin, and Samopomich will firmly and positively insist on the Verkhovna Rada’s returning funds to the local governments and restoring budgetary decentralization,” people’s deputy Roman Semenukha stated at the XI Congress of the Samopomich Political Party.

The faction will come up with a package of bills on further encouragement of unification of territorial communities and agglomeration, which should resolve the issue of relations between large cities and settlements located nearby.

“The Verkhovna Rada should release city and village heads from slavery and humiliation, in which they are today, by giving them back real powers, and make the process of allocating funds – planned for the current year in the amount of 15 billion hryvnias – absolutely transparent and just for the sake of avoiding political speculation and persecution,” Roman Semenukha noted.

According to the people’s deputy, at the end of 2014 the Verkhovna Rada adopted – without exaggeration – a historic decision having introduced budgetary decentralization. In cities and towns, where nothing had happened for decades – this is especially true about small settlements – roads were repaired, schools and kindergartens were renovated, streets became illuminated.

However, the government got frightened of the independence of city and village heads, and at the end of last year it virtually curtailed the budgetary decentralization. The government shifted onto the local level the financial burden of payments for housing and communal services in educational and healthcare institutions, reimbursement for travel privileges. As a result, the development budgets of big cities have been substantially reduced, while small towns and villages’ ones have been virtually zeroed out and plundered. Thus, city and village heads today can only hope for the mercy and loyalty of the government.

“I would like to ask: where were all those political parties that blew so much hot air about their incredible support for the budgetary decentralization. I would also like to mention the Prime Minister who, still being the chairman of the Parliament, was undoubtedly one of the initiators of budgetary decentralization; however, once becoming the head of the government he actually curtailed it,” said Roman Semenukha.

Consequently, in addition to its work in the Parliament the Samopomich Union will continue creating its local representations throughout Ukraine and will participate in elections to the associations of territorial communities.

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