“Yesterday’s attempt of revenge of the oligarchic forces was 50% successful” – Oleh Bereziuk about the last voting day of the 6th session of the parliament

As noted by the chair of the Samopomich Union faction in the parliament, Oleh Bereziuk, yesterday it was a very difficult day in the Verkhovna Rada. He believes that from the point of view of the philosophical concept of the road, we have managed to achieve some good results; but from the point of view of an individual person’s life – results are disastrous.

“The attempt of revenge of the oligarchic forces was 50% successful. When the budget amendments for 2017 were introduced in the parliament, the stick and carrot policy was used, and some MPs having received their “carrot” made this the “oligarchic miracle” possible.

To my great regret, the Cabinet of Ministers has killed the medical reform, which was though not perfect, but at least the most elaborate reform. It was supposed be implemented over the next four years,” notes the MP and adds that, unfortunately, the oligarchic power once again is not giving an opportunity to vote for the Anti-Corruption Court. Yet, luckily, the parliament resisted the temptation of dependence and did not vote for an absolutely oligarchic, dependent auditor of the Anti-Corruption Bureau who was supposed to destroy the NABU and SAP from within.

Generally speaking, in Oleh Bereziuk’s opinion, the 6th session of the Verkhovna Rada of the 8th convocation is a continuous attempt of the oligarchs’ revenge and devotion to Russian imperialist aggression.

“The session was very complicated. But together with people and thanks to them it was possible to isolate the trade built on blood. This turned out to be beneficial for the country’s GDP and resulted in better productivity of the Ukrainian enterprises in the controlled territories and benefited our people and the treasury, while the occupation regime ceased to receive money from the Ukrainian budget. In the end, people could see a completely dishonest policy of the government on fuel, gas, and coal; Rotterdam+ turned out to be an obvious fake – robbery of the Ukrainian budget and Ukrainian people.

In addition to this, people could see that the oligarchy makes up a real administrative system of Ukraine, while the threat of despotism is growing. We saw this on the example of Poltava, where people stood up for their freedom of life and movement, but the police were against them. We witnessed an incredibly complex and dangerous process in Berezhynka, where titushky being protected by the Interior Ministry employees set people’s grain on fire, but people also took to their defence. And we saw the situation in Lviv, where people also stood up, protected themselves, but, unfortunately, some had to resort to such an incredibly difficult and archaic way of protection as hunger strike. But this is all a path. This road will not be easy,” said Oleh Bereziuk.

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