“It is important to understand those conducting the blockade, their moods, expectations and intentions” – Roman Semenukha

Today, Samopomich Union faction is having a field meeting at redoubts, where the veterans of the war for independence and volunteers are conducting blockade of the trade carried out on blood.

“We are now at the first redoubt in Bakhmut, only 20 kilometers away from Horlivka. We are communicating with people, volunteers who are blocking the trade with the occupied territories. It is important to understand the people, their moods, expectations and intentions. They have so many questions, but their main question is why the Parliament is not voting for the law on the temporarily occupied territories,” says Samopomich MP Roman Semenukha.

We shall recall that yesterday deputies of the Samopomich faction – in protest against the failure to put to vote the draft law on the temporarily occupied territories, which would officially recognize the Russian occupation of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and ban the trade with the occupied territories – left the parliament hall and headed for the east to support the participants in the blockade of trade with the occupied territories. In the last three months, Samopomich along with other deputies has been working on preparation of this law. Border guards, the Security Service, the General Staff, the Ministry of Defence, the Migration Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as people conducting the trade blockade are demanding adoption of this law. However, the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada had failed to vote for this law, and that didn’t let put it to vote in the Parliament.

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