Vasyl Hatsko: It is Ukraine that should win the elections in 2019

DemAlliance and Samopomich have formed a political union in order to do over the next few years what the previous government has not managed to do in twenty-seven years. This was stated by the co-chairman of DemAlliance Vasyl Hatsko on “ZIK” TV channel.

“What kind of country is President Poroshenko building today?” The answer is simple – this is the very same country that Kuchma, Tymoshenko with Lazarenko, and Yanukovych had been building before. This is a country of oligarchs and poor people.

It is obvious to us that in 2019 it is Ukraine that should win the presidential and parliamentary elections. Not Russia and its political projects, not the oligarchs, but Ukraine. Being aware of this we realized we needed to seek unification.”

Vasyl Hatsko is convinced that the union of DemAlliance and Samopomich, their putting forward Andriy Sadovyi as a single candidate from the pro-Ukrainian non-corrupt political forces for the president’s post is just the first step.

“We are forming a political union to win the elections. This union will grow larger and larger. Because over the next ten years we need to do what the previous authorities have not managed to do in the past twenty-seven years.”

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