Your choice affects not only what is now, but also what will happen after us

“It’s time to pay more taxes,” declared a group of American billionaires.

They suggested that the tax burden should not be put on the poor, but on themselves. Because by giving more to society you will get more yourself.

Can you imagine something like this in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, we would have another Rotterdam+ or an excise duty on used cars. Millions of poor would continue to pay for the whims of the super-rich. We would once again subsidize someone’s villas and private jets instead of building hospitals and roads for all.

This post is not about socialism. It is about the ability to think beyond the self-serving agenda; it is about elites.

America is a great country because it has a great elite that thinks on a scale of centuries and loves its people. Ukraine is a poor country, because its elite is a pack of savages who are trying to devour everything today. They leave nothing after them except for scorched earth and caricature palaces. These are just some yobbos who survived in the gangster wars of the nineties or got control over the budget flows in the two thousandths.

We have no future with them.

They devour our future along with their caviar for breakfast.

Their strongest desire is to stay in power. And they need your votes for this.

They will now be bribing you in every possible way – by giving free food, organizing free concerts, or promising everything under the sun from the TV screens.

But as soon as they get re-elected, they will continue robbing us – by allocating subsidies to themselves, by dividing budgets behind the scene, by doing what they have always been doing – stealing our future.

Nobody will save us from them. Neither NATO nor the EU will help here. This is a battle in which we must fight on our own.

We must get rid of them, not let them devour our country. Then people will be finally able to honestly work on their land, then they will have future as such.

When voting, remember that your choice affects not only what is now, but also what will be after us. We are all responsible for the future – what it will be like and whether we will have it at all.

Iryna Podoliak
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