“Vakarchuk personally proposed to discuss the topic of common candidates for single-mandate districts” – Andriy Sadovyi

During a telephone conversation, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk offered Andriy Sadovyi to discuss the nomination of common candidates in the single-mandate districts. The leader of Samopomich wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday, after the “Right to Power” TV program, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk called me and offered to meet to discuss the topic of invincibility in single-mandate districts. We agreed to meet on Tuesday-Wednesday in Lviv, when Sviatoslav will be there with a concert,” wrote Sadovyi.

Today in the morning, during a press conference, the headquarters of Holos and Syla Liudey parties in Rivne declared their support for a Samopomich candidate. But later, the official page of the Holos party informed that there was no such support.

“And this is what we have today. Dear Sviatoslav, if access to your party Facebook page was stolen from you, give a sign,” commented Sadovyi.

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