“There should be a post of deputy prime minister for tourism and infrastructure in the government” – Sadovyi

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi promises to support the development of the tourism industry in Ukraine. He was first among the participants in the election race to sign a memorandum with the tourist community, pledging to contribute to the formation of an effective industry in case of his victory.

“It’s a shame, but very few Ukrainian officials understand that 10% of the world’s money is in tourism. In my opinion, tourism for Ukraine primarily means tens of thousands of jobs. These are hundreds of millions of dollars that can be invested in the economy and which will give impetus to small and medium-sized businesses. This is an opportunity to unite the country,” said Andriy Sadovyi and called on other presidential candidates to undertake obligations for the development of tourism.

The politician believes that we need to create a post of deputy prime minister for tourism and infrastructure in the government.

“Because these are interrelated things. We now need to restore the work of all airports in the regional centres, to launch direct flights between them – not via Kyiv only. We need to make an inventory, determine growth points, such as industrial tourism, and organize high-quality advertising. While mixing tourism with culture or sport, as it was suggested at various times, only means “burying it”, notes Sadovyi.

He shares his own experience when, having become the mayor of Lviv, he identified tourism as one of the priority areas for development:

“It was 2007, and everyone laughed at me. They were saying, “What kind of tourism are you talking about. It is necessary to develop heavy industry. But today, Lviv receives 2.5 million tourists a year, annual investments in the city’s economy amount to 17 billion hryvnias, the airport is developing, new destinations are opening. And most importantly – people have jobs and do not go abroad.”

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