Anti-Corruption Initiative of the European Union started in Ukraine

On Thursday, June 1, an Anti-Corruption Initiative of the European Union was launched in Ukraine. The initiative is aimed, among other things, at strengthening the capacity of state bodies to combat corruption, strengthening parliamentary control over the reform process, and deepening the involvement of the media, local governments and civil society in the anti-corruption struggle.

Commenting on the initiative, Samopomich MP and chairman of the parliamentary anti-corruption committee Yehor Soboliev notes, “We will have a group of powerful prosecutors, investigators, officials who have managed to overcome corruption in other countries and who will help Ukraine. They will come here, analyze the state of affairs, talk about it in their states and with us. This is what we have been striving to achieve.”

He adds, “Yesterday we had a small closed conversation with the participation of the European commissioner Hahn, the head of the EU Delegation, Artem Sytnyk, Nazar Kholodnytskyi, Nataliya Korchak. I said that we had two tasks. First of all, not to let destroy the independence of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the National Corruption Prevention Agency, which has not yet become an operating body. Secondly, to create an Anti-Corruption Court. We need verdicts, we need to make sure that top corrupt officials do not only feel afraid that  that they might be detained and arrested by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau or the  Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, but also that they may be imprisoned, get real terms, and their property may be confiscated.”

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