“In Ukraine, there is no infrastructure for people with disabilities” – Roman Semenukha

“Ukraine has no developed barrier-free environment so far. With the exception of some rare ramps at pharmacies and shops, in our country there is no infrastructure for disabled people who have difficulties with movement.”

This opinion was expressed by MP Roman Semenukha in his speech in the parliament during the discussion of a bill #6536 “On the creation of unhindered access for persons with disabilities to buildings and structures.”

The essence and the goal of the bill is to establish an effective mechanism for monitoring compliance with the requirements of legislation regarding the need to create an unhindered environment for persons with disabilities and to strengthen administrative responsibility for non-compliance with the law.

Roman Semenukha stresses that 90% of buildings and structures in Ukraine do not take into account the needs of people with disabilities. For example, according to statistics, out of 1,132 objects of public authorities only 35% of buildings are accessible for people with disabilities.

The people’s deputy commented positively on the initiative:

“The bill significantly expands the competence of public associations of persons with disabilities. Now such associations will be able to participate in the discussions of town planning documentation, their representatives will become members of architectural and town planning councils as freelance inspectors and will be involved in the examination of construction sites.”

But the legislative initiative has its shortcomings, which must be eliminated when preparing the law for the second reading.

“For example, today for unauthorized construction – which is a criminal offense – there is a fine of 300-500 non-taxable minimums. And for an administrative offense during construction planning – from 3,000 to 5,000 non-taxable minimums. This imbalance should be eliminated,” Semenukha adds.

Today in Ukraine there are 2, 6 million people with disabilities; it is 6% of the population of the country.


Roman Semenuha
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