Looks like the government needs no investments for urban infrastructure and regional development – Serhiy Kiral

Investment money – not for dissaving, for the National Bank, or to cover the budget deficit, but for the urban infrastructure and development of regions – looks like the government does not need it!

I draw this conclusion from this letter from the German Embassy in Ukraine!

Remember, in the second half of 2014, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Germany was allocating 500 million euros for Ukraine – first for the infrastructure of the eastern regions, and then for all other regions?

In two years, the Ministry of Regional Development has scraped together projects in the amount of 90 million (this is while 80-90% of the urban economy is worn out, the state has no roads, the housing stock is old, the energy sector is primarily oriented onto the needs of Akhmetov’s mines, Russian gas, etc.). Eventually this program was taken away from them and handed over to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, which is always estimating the pay back from the projects of modernization of the basic communal infrastructure – while we need  modernization of the basic communal infrastructure not for the sake of paybacks, but for people to live, breathe, work…

Thus, sweethearts, finita la commedia – it looks like the government does not need the money and has refused it!

Obviously, the officials of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have not found sufficient motivation for themselves and have failed to listen to Hroisman’s calls to carry out the decentralization reform, make communities capable and competitive, help them raise funds and investments.

This case of government’s blocking the donor funds that could help Ukrainian cities and regions improve their heat and water supply systems, public transport, energy efficiency, and housing roads in the near future is far from being an only one. This is evidenced by the answers to my numerous deputy appeals – the government signs various programs, but they remain dead in the water for years.

Another example is the program of urban infrastructure modernization with the European Investment Bank. Here we are talking about the Ministry of Regional Development, in which Deputy Minister Roman Chuprynenko is in charge of cooperation with the donor. Roman Chuprynenko has been holding office since Azarov’s government. Under authority of this official in early April 2017 Ukrainian cities received letters demanding that they send the same packages of documents that the ministry had already requested in July 2016! What we are witnessing is in fact almost a year of the government’s inactivity and cities being made to go round in circles!

That is why, last Friday the Samopomich Union faction gave an official letter to Prime Minister Hroisman during a personal audience requesting to appoint an official investigation, to remove these officials from their posts, and to ensure proper implementation of Ukraine’s international obligations in terms of attracting investments for Ukrainian cities and regions as an absolute priority in the development of the state and its competitiveness! Another requirement is that the time from signing of an agreement by the government till the receipt of funds for projects in cities should be no more than 12 months!

Serhij Kiral
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