“The government is trying to destroy the laws that are vital for medical care” – Iryna Sysoyenko

The parliamentarian stressed this today during her speech in the Verkhovna Rada. According to MP Iryna Sysoyenko, the government included amendments to the law “On financial guarantees of health care” and the law “On the fundamentals of health protection legislation” in the draft budget code.

Through these amendments, the Ministry of Health planned to cancel the allocation of 5% of GDP for financing the program of medical guarantees for citizens starting from 2020, to cancel the increase in salaries of medical workers, and to independently determine the list of medical services the cost of which will be covered by the government.

As explained by Iryna Sysoyenko, in such a way the government wants to exclude the parliament from approving the program of medical guarantees.

“The faction of Samopomich Union insists on returning to the medical laws the rule under which the state is obliged to allocate state funding to pay for medical services for citizens in the amount of at least 5% of GDP.

We demand to return the regulation, which should increase the salaries of medical workers.

With our amendment, we insist on returning the rule, which stipulates that it is not the government that independently decides on which medical services should be covered by citizens and which by the state. The parliament will also take responsibility for providing and financing medical care.

The faction of Samopomich Union is totally against the government’s attempt to destroy the regulations that became the basis for the adoption of the new laws relating to medical reform by amending the budget code of Ukraine.

We believe that unless the issue of salaries is resolved, unless the state provides funding for medical services from the state budget, the new laws relating to medical reform will make no sense. We insist on implementing the new laws instead of amending them.

Iryna Sysoyenko emphasizes that these are the fundamental regulations of the new laws that cannot be destroyed and emphasizes that members of the Health Committee supported her position.

“The government is trying to destroy the laws that are vital for medical care. But we will not let them do this! They either must comply with the laws that the parliament adopted and which should build a new health care system, or they must resign!” concludes the deputy.


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