The government might launch another round of under-monetization of subsidies

The government might launch another round of under-monetization of subsidies. This is unacceptable. People should receive subsidies directly in form of actual money.

Today, the Cabinet may adopt a decision on the monetization of subsidies. It is thought to be a decision on real monetization and not that unfortunate schematization, which was adopted in December. (Let me remind you, back then Hroisman’s government granted Oshchadbank the right to uncontrollably transfer people’s subsidies to service providers, primarily to monopoly regional gas and power companies, etc.).

I really want to hope that we are talking about a full-fledged modern system of paying out money to people, and not about a temporary experiment for a period of three months. That is exactly for the period of the election campaign.

Why do we need a full-fledged monetization, that is, the payment of subsidies to people, not intermediaries?

First of all, when people have funds in their hands, this makes them willing to save. Billions of cubic metres of gas (which we import!), millions of kilowatt-hour of electricity, thousands of gigacalories of heat can be saved in Ukraine every year. The consumers will be motivated to save, because they will know that all the savings they have made will not end up in the pockets of monopolies, but will remain in the family budget.

Secondly, the funds that are controlled by the consumers themselves are a guarantee of high-quality and timely provided services. The suppliers of heat, water, gas that are interested in receiving funds from the consumers, not the intermediary, have a significant additional incentive to adhere to the standards of service provision. Only in such conditions hot water will be really hot, not warm; the heat carrier will heat the apartment, not the basement of a high-rise building; there will be water in the tap, not along the sidewalks.

But if the subsidy funds are paid to the accounts of public utilities by the Treasury or the bank, the motivation to provide quality services becomes smaller. Whereas the desire of the monopolist to corrupt the Treasury or the bank becomes higher for the sake of receiving subsidy funds for poor quality services or through overstated bills.

By the way, subsidies in people’s hands are also a step towards consumers’ smooth transition from oligarch-owned monopolies to alternative suppliers. After all, today we can refuse the services of regional gas companies and choose another gas supplier. And after a while, we will also be able to replace the former power distribution companies. As is known, a client with money votes with money. So let’s vote for better services and lower prices.

Therefore, the payment of subsidies in form of money to each subsidy receiver is the right way. But why does someone want it to last only a few months?

Don’t you trust the people? You should. The calculations regarding household consumers are almost one hundred percent correct. In any case, the delays in paying subsidies from the budget have always been a bigger problem for public utilities than consumer debt.

Are you not sure that subsidies will go to those who really need them? Then verify the base as soon as possible. After all, we have been talking about this for years, yet the problem is still in the process of being resolved.

We are emphasizing once again – only 100% payment in form of money directly to people will make the system of subsidies truly effective. Everything else will not work. Let’s say no to any experiments.

Money of subsidies must go to the wallets of citizens!

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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