An ultimatum. The authorities openly showed their goals – read in the new issue of the “Samopomich” newspaper

Read in the “Samopomich Union” newspaper from June 24:

– An ultimatum. The authorities openly showed their goals. Poroshenko and Hroisman through their representative in Lviv voiced the conditions under which Lviv will be released from the garbage blockade;

– Against humiliation and lies. Thanks to the position of Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroyid, and Taras Pastukh, who had launched a hunger strike against the authorities’ arbitrariness, the trash blockade of Lviv began to crack;

– “Learn to help each other…” The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, in its open appeal to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, called for resolving the environmental emergency in Lviv;

– Special operation “Lviv garbage”. According to former first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, Viktor Trepak, the critical situation with the removal of garbage from Lviv had been planned back during the parliamentary elections and was coordinated from the centre;

– Good-bye, Russia? While the citizens of Ukraine can now enjoy opened borders in the west, the question of why the visa regime with Russia in the east has not yet been introduced arises;

– The election law is not for politicians. This law is for Ukrainian citizens. Yehor Soboliev’s speech at a rally with the demand to change the electoral legislation – to introduce a proportional system with open lists;

– Stop the destruction of Ukrainians. Samopomich urges not to allow another increase in the price of gas by 25%, which is planned by the government from July 1;

– Compensation for destruction. The state is obliged to provide housing for people who have lost their homes because of explosions at military depots in Balakliya;

– Holy place under threat. Samopomich speaks about the illegal construction of a residential complex, which is destroying the Patriarchal Cathedral of the UGCC in Kyiv;

– Lutsk residents have the right to choose. Following the visit of Samopomich MPs, the city council of Lutsk has finally sent an appeal to the parliament on the appointment of early mayoral elections;

– Great “Mriya”. Ukrainian aircraft AN-225 with a maximum loaded weight of 640 tons is the heaviest aircraft in the world.

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