“For as long as we live in illusions – including the illusions of the anti-Putin coalition – Ukraine will be assaulted” – Serhiy Kiral

“Europe is ready to forgive Russia’s annexation of Crimea and military aggression against neighbouring countries, interference in internal affairs and murders in foreign territories for money and “geopolitical goals”. This is the message we received today as a result of the meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CMCE) in Helsinki. At the initiative of Germany and France, by a majority vote the CMCE supported the return of the Russians to PACE despite the existing procedures and lack of any progress on the part of Russia. The Russian delegation may take part in the elections of the CE Secretary General as soon as in June, which means that before this, the PACE will be forced to change its own regulations. Consequently, the meeting of the PACE Bureau on May 23, of the regulatory committee, in which I will participate, and the PACE session in June will be decisive for the Ukrainian delegation. “The old democracies have demonstrated that a return to the old, imperial policy of the 19th and 20th centuries, the division of Europe into spheres of influence is possible, and the interests of Russia prevail over the interests of Eastern Europe! I do not see how Ukraine can continue to tolerate the so-called Minsk process, when both its participants – France and Germany – have actually sided with Russia, refusing to resolve the conflict in favour of Ukraine! On the one hand, this will give free rein to the newly elected President, and on the other, will test his ability to propose new solutions or formats firmly defending the interests of Ukraine!

For as long as we indulge in wishful thinking, believe in Minsk fictions and invent non-existent anti-Putin coalitions – instead of defending our own interests firmly and stubbornly, sticking to the basic principles and values – we will be assaulted. Samopomich has been talking about this at all levels for all these years. It’s a pity that nobody wanted to listen to the truth!” Serhiy Kiral.

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