Ukraine’s only remedy is to recognize that the Crimea and Donbas are temporarily occupied – Samopomich statement

To the Prime Minister of Ukraine, V. Hroisman

Dear Mr. Hroisman!

While the President of Ukraine is abundantly stating in his speeches and during his meetings with influential foreign politicians about the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the military aggression in Ukraine and the price that the former must pay for the violation of the international law;

whereas the Ukrainian Parliament calls on the international community to recognize the Russian Federation an aggressor country and to continue and expand the sanctions against it;

whereas anyone who has a head on shoulders – among whom soldiers, war victims and their families, in the first place – are asking themselves a simple question – why the war has not yet been called a war and why the uncontrolled by Ukraine territories have not been called the occupied ones;

The Ukrainian government is stabbing the Ukrainian people and our international partners in the back by establishing cooperation and dialogue with the occupier and the terrorists who killed and continue to kill Ukrainians.

Ignoring numerous decisions of the Verkhovna Rada, in particular the decree “On recognition of certain districts, cities, towns and villages of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as the temporarily occupied territories” dated 17 April 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has first approved the Concept of the state target program of restoration and development of peace in the eastern regions of Ukraine; this Concept bashfully calls the Russian Federation’s aggression, which has caused a humanitarian disaster, not even an anti-terrorist operation anymore but an “armed conflict” which occurred in Ukraine for unknown reasons. Then the government approves the Plan of steps aimed at implementing some of the principles of the state internal policy regarding separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the public authorities are not exercising their powers so far.

This plan provides for the following, among other things:

– Maintenance of enterprises located in the occupied territories;

– Encouraging the use of the Russian language, which once actually became the reason for the beginning of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation;

– Establishing a dialogue with the separatists and occupiers and reconciliation with them, instead of investigating their crimes and bringing them to justice.

The government pretends that soldiers are not dying in Ukraine every day, that we did not lose control over our territory, and instead it proposes to strive for an ephemeral peace with the aggressor, as if there is no war, no occupation, neither thousands of deaths, nor millions of refugees.

Consequently, the whole burden of the damage caused by the war becomes the responsibility of the citizens of Ukraine – they will have to fund the restoration of water supply, infrastructure, etc., because all of this will have to be covered by the state and local budgets, formed by the money of Ukrainian taxpayers.

Behind this action plan there are exclusively the interests of Russia and the oligarchs who have encouraged and facilitated the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and who really need to continue running their business in the occupied territories.

We are drawing attention to the fact that these documents do not mention the occupied Crimea at all, and this is actually a legal confirmation of this bargaining which is imposed on us by pro-Russian politicians from Ukraine and from abroad.

Ukraine’s only remedy is to recognize that the Crimea and Donbas are temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, that these lands are being controlled by the occupiers and collaborators, as a result of what our citizens are suffering. By the time each and every person who let, encouraged and supported the Russian military aggression in Ukraine is punished, any programs or activities aimed at reconciliation should be considered a high treason.

That is why we demand that the Prime Minister of Ukraine should immediately initiate a review of these decisions of the Cabinet. We emphasize that any decisions on development and restoration of peace in the territories affected by the occupation, must comply with the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the national interests of Ukraine, and not with the Kremlin scenarios.

We are also appealing to the chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine with the demand to open criminal proceedings against all the officials involved in the adoption of these government’s decisions for the presence of evidence of treason in their actions.

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