“Ukrainian peasants must be full-fledged owners of their lands” – Sadovyi

Samopomich supports the opening of a land market with the permission to buy land provided only to Ukrainian citizens and with a limit of the number of hectares that one person can buy. The party leader Andriy Sadovyi wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Also, according to him, the party will defend the introduction of preferential – zero-interest – lending to farmers and the transparent sale of the lease right on state-owned lands.

“Have you ever wondered why there are millions of hectares of land owned by the state, but there is no money from leasing this land in the budget revenues?” Meanwhile, large agricultural holdings that are using people’s land shares are receiving super profits and killing fertile black soil. Unfortunately, the answer is no different than in many other industries – because it is profitable for someone.

But if we lose people’s desire to be the owners of their land, this will be a huge tragedy,” notes Andriy Sadovyi.

According to the politician, it is also unacceptable that for 3 years there has been no minister for agrarian policy in the government: “The state will not be able to perform its functions qualitatively without a leader in this process.”

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