Yehor Soboliev: Ukrainian Parliament ceased to pass legislation in the sphere of corruption combating

As noted by Samopomich deputy, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament, Yehor Soboliev, presently a number of important legislative initiatives in the sphere of corruption fighting have accumulated, and the Parliament should adopt them in the near future.

Thus, it’s high time the Parliament appointed the auditor to analyze the activities of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. “We have legislatively provided for the need of external audit, and one of the auditors is to be appointed by the Verkhovna Rada. Therefore, we are asking to include this issue into the agenda as soon as possible,” said Yehor Soboliev during the meeting of the Coordination Board.

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada should consider a bill on the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s right to wiretap corrupt officials without supervision on the part of the Security Serviced. Other bills to be considered are the one on protection and support of corruption denouncers and a bill on lustration of future candidates for deputies and presidencyсy. Also, last week a very important bill was registered – on the Anti-Corruption Court.

“We are all aware of the situation with Mykhailo Okhendovskyi. The man was accused of being bribed by one of the political forces. Nevertheless, he continues working as the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, and neither the Parliament nor the court can fire him. Therefore, it is very important that this year we pass a law on the Anti-Corruption Court. We are going to be assisted by foreign governments in the process of selection of independent, principled, skilled Ukrainian judges, and this court will deal exclusively with the top corruption. Thus, I’m asking my colleagues from the Legal Policy Committee to consider this bill as soon as possible, and I’m referring to all parliamentarians asking to support this bills’ inclusion into the agenda,” summed up Yehor Soboliev.

Yehor Sobolev
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