“Ukrainian format” – Sadovyi offered an alternative to the Minsk agreements

The Budapest Memorandum is not being implemented, although Ukraine had been deprived of nuclear weapons. The Norman format involves in the talks the countries that are Russia’s largest trading partners, so the Minsk agreements which they signed “make no sense for Ukraine.”

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi is convinced that Ukraine needs a Ukrainian format.

“Kyiv should gather together those countries of the world who know what the Russian threat is. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Norway. They are well aware that if Ukraine has problems, they will be the next ones. And together with them, we need to create a process in which the US, the UK, and consequently Japan will be involved,” said Sadovyi at a meeting in Chernihiv.

As for relations with the Kremlin, he believes that Ukraine should strengthen its negotiating capabilities.

“A poor country with a weak economy will always be an easy prey for aggressive neighbours. But when one has a strong position, when the country’s GDP is 2-3 times higher, when corruption is destroyed, there is a strong army and precision weapons, then the enemy understands that in the event of an attack there will be too great losses.

Therefore, every day the Ukrainian economy’s growth, every imprisoned corrupt official is exactly what makes closer the day when the Ukrainian flag will return to Donetsk, Luhansk and Simferopol,” says Andriy Sadovyi.

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