Soboliev: Ukraine made a huge mistake when once it did nothing more but changed the name of KGB into Security Service of Ukraine

There are two solutions to correct the situation in the media landscape of Ukraine, in particular, to cleanse it from “Russian trace”, said MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Yehor Soboliev.
“Firstly, we need a real Ukrainian security service. Our government made a huge mistake when in 1991 it merely renamed the Soviet KGB into the Security Service of Ukraine and decided that was enough to have our own secret service. Both Euromaidan and the present war for independence prove that we do not have Ukrainian Security Service,” Yehor Soboliev ascertains.
The MP says we didn’t say goodbye to KGB either in 1991 or now.
As for the second step which could improve Ukrainian media landscape, it is the need to create conditions for strengthening capacities of the Ukrainian media. Yehor Soboliev notes that the parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information policy “gave birth to many good laws that have created better conditions for development of Ukrainian television and Ukrainian film industry”. Now it is important to implement these initiatives.
“It is already the second Government after Euromaidan and it doesn’t implement the law on creation of public television either. While this was exactly the basic idea. We must fight for our own information space not only with the help of special services, but also by creating conditions here, for us to have powerful Ukrainian presenters, journalists, editors – to let Ukrainian viewers understand what is happening in their country. Then it won’t be easy to manipulate the viewers as it was with Crimeans and as it is with a large number of people in Ukraine,” says the MP.

Yehor Sobolev
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