“Ukraine is living in a state of hybrid war, but there is still no cyber security strategy in the country. And our men are dying because of this, among other things,” Oleksandr Danchenko

Today an official visit of representatives of the US Congress, headed by Michael McCaul, Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, began. During the visit, representatives of the Congress met with Oleksandr Danchenko, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and Communication.
At the meeting the issues of cyber security of Ukraine and the best world practices of its implementation were discussed.
“For a long time, Ukraine has been living in a state of active hybrid war and, despite the numerous orders of the President, the National Council of Reforms, the Cabinet, we don’t see the development and effective implementation of the cybersecurity strategy in Ukraine. We are not only losing time, our men are dying in the east, while the virtual and information front of Ukraine remain defenceless,” commented Oleksandr Danchenko.
The MP also thanked the congressmen for technical and advisory assistance in the sphere of national security and defence. Another important sphere is the training and professional development of domestic specialists in the field of information technology and security.
Mr. McCaul emphasized that the development and implementation of the systems aimed at countering cyber threats should be a priority for Ukraine.
“We are actively working on a bill on cybersecurity, we are involving specialists of all levels, consulting experts and asking for advice. After all, cyberspace is not limited to the borders of one country.
Ukraine must become safe and reliable for everybody,” said Oleksandr Danchenko. The parties agreed on further cooperation in the preparation of a modern legal framework and development of policies for the protection of the critical infrastructure.

Oleksandr Danchenko
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