Oksana Syroid: Ukraine must have its own stand on how to end the war and carry out the de-occupation

As noted by Vice Speaker Oksana Syroid, Viktor Pinchuk’s suggestions regarding the occupied territories are far from being the position of a Ukrainian statesman. However, what is proposed by the deputy head of the Presidential Administration, Kostiantyn Yelisieyev, is not the Ukrainian stand either; it’s purely a response to Viktor Pinchuk.

“Today, Ukrainians are the bearers of European values, even more that the Europeans themselves are. We are the flagships of the European identity. That’s what we should start with,” said Oksana Syroid.

According to the Vice Speaker, it is necessary not only to call the occupied territories Ukrainian, but also to stop trading with the occupiers. “By trading with the occupied territories, paying taxes in the occupied territories, we are buying the bullets that shoot at our soldiers,” said Oksana Syroid.

As for the elections – the Samopomich faction’s stand is unwavering; there can be no elections under occupation.

“First, Ukraine has to enter these territories, restore the sovereignty and Ukrainian public authorities there, win the hearts and minds of those people who for all this time have been under the Russian occupation and propaganda. Only then elections can be conducted. This might take years,” stated the Vice Speaker.


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