Roman Semenukha: Ukraine will not revive in Kyiv; it will revive in strong communities

In the draft budget for 2017 the Government proposes to shift the burden of utility payments for educational and health-care facilities onto the local budgets. And while big cities might be able to survive being obliged to spend such costs, the smaller communities might end up with negative development budgets. This concern is voiced by a people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Roman Semenukha.

“This “innovation” of the Government destroys the development budgets of small towns and villages and significantly reduces them in large cities. Subsidies will be distributed manually, which will make city and village mayors become the slaves of regional administrations and the Government.

For example, according to preliminary estimates, Kharkiv development budget might be reduced by 1.2 billion UAH,” says the MP.

Therefore, Roman Semenukha urges the associations of territorial communities to respond to such Government’s intentions and to call the central government to prevent fettering the fiscal decentralization.

“Without exception, all political forces on the ground are interested in increasing the powers of communities and increasing the taxation base for the growth of revenues into the local budgets. Therefore, we must unite and not be silent on this issue, because all that has been done in two years, may be derail at one point,” concluded the deputy.

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