Charges against Shabunin and Sakvarelidze: a persecution of “undesirables” – Soboliev

Embezzlement charges against Vitaliy Shabunin and Davit Sakvarelidze filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office are an example of selective justice. This is how MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Yehor Soboliev, commented on the conflict over the Centre for Anti-Corruption and the former prosecutor of the Odesa region.

“I think that is the fight against Davit Sakvarelidze, because he was the person who brought to Ukraine the ideas of ​​testing and validation of local prosecutors. They did it in Georgia and tried to do it in Ukraine. However, Shokin, in my opinion, has completely lost any sense of reality, he decided to listen to the conversations and get the communications of the people who interfere with him – and this can be done in the course of a criminal investigation. And I think the Anti-Corruption Centre is not the only one in this list,” said the MP.

Soboliev states that the charges can be discussed only when the prosecutor’s office presents convincing evidence.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office has taught us that they tend to claim a lot of things. I want to see the evidence. Let them show what such serious allegations are based on. We will monitor the investigation of the cases against people who criticized Prosecutor General Shokin especially carefully,” stressed the MP. In addition, the lawmaker reminded that the Maidan crimes remained uninvestigated, and the defendants – unpunished.

“As we all can see – even the small number of detainees on charges for Maidan crimes are leaving prison because prosecutors overlook the charges against them. While Shabunin, Sakvarelidze, Kasko are the priority of the prosecutor’s office’s investigations. This clearly looks like selective justice, which is not justice at all,” he emphasized.

Yehor Sobolev
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