None of the judges who convicted activists of Maidan has been punished – Sotnyk

The judges who passed unjust decisions in relation to Maidan protesters in 2013-2014 still remain unpunished. This was the topic of a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center initiated by MP, member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Olena Sotnyk.

“None of the judges who passed unjust decisions has been punished for these two years. This means that evil flourishes and today it is, unfortunately, winning. And those bodies that must be on guard of justice and implement it – do not fulfill their functions and expectations of society,” said the MP.

It is reported that there are 330 judges named in “the Maidan cases”, none of whom has so far been brought to justice.

The submissions on dismissal of 12 judges had been passed by the Supreme Council of Justice to the Parliament, however, the Speaker has not yet introduced this issue for consideration in the session hall.

“No one treats these judges as executors and accomplices of the criminal authorities. They continue to administer justice and pronounce judgements in the name of Ukraine,” stressed the MP.

Automaidan, Lawyers Association and the Interim Commission on cleaning the judiciary are calling for the public to pay attention to this problem. In her turn, MP Olena Sotnyk plans to initiate consideration of this matter by the Parliament at the next plenary week.

Olena Sotnyk
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