Statements about joint patrolling of Shyrokyne with DNR are harbingers of the next surrender of lands – “Samopomich”

Statement of the “Samopomich” Union parliamentary faction in the Verkhovna Rada on the possibility of joint patrolling of Shyrokyne by police units of Ukraine and DNR

As is known, Deputy Head of the main command centre of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major General Oleksandr Rozmaznin released information about possible joint patrolling of Shyrokyne by military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and terrorists of the so-called DNR.

His statements were made in time with the Elysee communique dated July 24, 2015, which indicated that the four leaders had asked a special OSCE monitoring mission by August 3 to find a practical solution to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Shyrokyne.

Considering the yearly experience of such events, we believe that these statements suggest a risk of another retreat of Ukrainian troops and the subsequent surrender of Ukrainian territories to the invaders.

We would like to remind that on September 26, 2014, the National Security Council announced the launch of a working group of the Joint Centre for the coordination and control of the ceasefire and the gradual stabilization of the demarcation line. The main objective of the centre was to establish a peace and quiet order.

The first object of activity of the Centre was the Donetsk airport, when the joint duties at the checkpoints started taking place. The Ukrainian soldiers, who headed for rotation to the airport, were frisked and allowed to carry a very limited amount of ammunition, on the ground of the need to respect the peace and quiet order.

December 1, 2014, the press center of ATO announced that the heads of the Joint Centre of Ukraine and Russia had agreed on a ceasefire in the area of ​​the Donetsk Airport. We all know what happened next – the airport was destroyed and captured by the enemy, and the blood of Ukrainian patriots was shed for that.

The next time the above-mentioned Centre showed its worth in Debaltseve. On February 15, 2015 the President of Ukraine in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ordered the representative of Ukraine in the Joint Centre for the coordination and control of the ceasefire, Major General Rozmaznin, together with the representatives of the OSCE Mission to immediately go to Debaltseve in order to ensure effective monitoring and supervision of the cease-fire on both sides.

And already on February 17, according to the press-center of the ATO, there was fierce fighting in Debaltseve.

The Centre worked “jointly”, “hard” and “productively”, however, Debaltseve was captured by the enemy.

Now we see the same situation in Shyrokyne and urge to learn from the mistakes already made. Very expensive mistakes that cost the lives and health of many of our soldiers, and for the state – the occupied territories.

Considering the mentioned tragic experience, we are totally against the introduction of joint patrolling and full control over Ukrainian territory with the aggressor.

At the same time, realising the need to de-escalate the conflict and the need of its peaceful settlement, sharing the responsibility for the future of Ukraine, we offer the President of Ukraine to find together the path that will lead to achieving the goals of peace, without the risk of losing territories.

However, in order to start effectively working in this perspective, we have to get answers to such extremely important questions:

1. How are the risks of capturing Shyrokyne by Russian terrorist forces estimated? Given that it is a height of strategic importance. What is the level of these risks?

2. In the event of the resumption of hostilities, by what means will the fighters protect Ukrainian land in this sector, since so far they have only light weapons (machine guns, submachine guns) and have no anti-tank weapons?

3. What is the point of the recent negotiations in the Normandy format, when it was decided to leave Shyrokyne? Whose initiative was that? What other decisions were made during these talks?

A year of confrontation to the armed aggression of Russia has showed quite tragic lessons for us to further indulge the enemy at the expense of the national interests of Ukraine.

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