Statement of the “Samopomich” faction on the political crisis in the country

The political crisis did not appear for no reason. The causes of the crisis are: manual control on behalf of the oligarchic political parties, corruption and politicians’ memory lapses in terms of the given to people promises.

However, there is a formal coalition – at present there are 237 members of the coalition in the Parliament, according to the information from the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. This majority has all the resources to offer the President the candidacy of Prime Minister.

If the remainder of the coalition lacks votes, “Samopomich” is ready to consider the candidacy of a new Prime Minister remaining in opposition itself. But a prerequisite for voting for a new government should be elimination of the causes of the political crisis and creation of a safeguard against early elections.

“Samopomich” offers a simple plan of surmounting the crisis:

1) Voluntary resignation of the Prime Minister.

2) The law on parliamentary elections under the proportional system with open lists.

3) A new composition of the Central Election Commission.

4) An open competition for the position of Prosecutor General.

1. VOLUNTARY RESIGNATION OF THE PRIME MINISTER. The oligarchic system wants to “make it” till the autumn and to hold elections in the autumn under the old electoral law with the traditional bribery of voters. In order to prevent this we need a new government and a new election law.

2. THE LAW ON PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS UNDER A PROPORTIONAL SYSTEM WITH OPEN LISTS. “Samopomich” fully supports the position of the President of Ukraine concerning the election system in the version from 01.08.2014, voiced by the President in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels, “I have an absolutely clear vision of what kind of law is the most appropriate. This is a proportional system with open lists.” We also have a strong belief that this system is the most appropriate. In our opinion, introduction of such an electoral system is the only effective safeguard against early elections. Elimination of the majority system based on bribery will significantly dampen the interest of the oligarchs in the election race.

3. THE NEW CEC COMPOSITION. The Central Election Commission has already worked off. People need to take a rest – it is illegal to exploit the experts in election fraud in excess of the established time limit. Therefore, “Samopomich” requires replace the CEC, as required by law.

4. AN OPEN COMPETITION FOR THE POSITION OF PROSECUTOR GENERAL. Appointment of the Prosecutor General on the basis of personal loyalty leads to the situation when the Prosecutor General does not fulfill his functions but demonstrates his loyalty all the time. Two years have passed and the murderers of the Heavenly hundred have not been punished, the war tragedies have not been properly investigated, not a single corrupt official has been put in jail. “Samopomich” requires a public competition to determine a candidate for the position of the Prosecutor General.

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