Statement by the “Samopomich” Union faction on voting for an anti-discrimination amendment

The “Samopomich” Union faction considers it necessary to appeal to their constituents and explain the faction’s position regarding the voting on the anti-discrimination amendment.

The values ​​in which “Samopomich” believes are the values ​​of the European choice. We have not violated them in any way.

The so-called “anti-discrimination amendment” was introduced not according to the Regulations and contrary to common sense. Because this is an amendment to the old Soviet Code which will soon lose its power.

The Parliament has already voted for a new version of the Labor Code in the first reading, and we are now doing everything to make this document perfect by the second reading and, most importantly, to make this document consolidate the society and not to divide it.

We want to draw everybody’s attention, first of all, our supporters’ attention to the fact that the introduced amendment did not have unanimous support of our faction because it was a “smoke bomb” the purpose of which was to divert attention from more important issues.

We thought that was obvious, that is why we didn’t explain everything straightforwardly to our constituents. And those who “stirred up this mess” took advantage of how the conflict was overblown.

We declare that we do not support any kind of discrimination – age, ethnical, gender, sexual

Why was the conflict provoked in such a way, when we all knew that the meeting with the European partners had been rescheduled to the end of the month before these issues were put to vote in the Parliament? And there was no need to violate the Regulations and make such a fuss.

Why provoke a situation which misleads the society and makes our fellow citizens dragged into baiting of the objectionable ones under different slogans?

Why do media spread the information that because of Samopomich we will not have a visa-free regime? That’s absurd! After all, there is a large list of problems because of which the issue of visa-free regime cannot be solved positively and quickly. The first is the lack of anti-corruption fighting. Have you noticed that for some days no one has been raising the issue of anti-corruption fight?

As for us, we stick to our principles, to the pro-European choice. But we must realize there is a fight against us, those who consistently criticize the poor quality of work of the Parliament, the Government and the President.

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