Andriy Sadovyi’s statement on information about the offer to become prime minister

“I have repeatedly heard such talks. I emphasize again – Prime Minister must have the support of the Parliament, the majority in the Parliament. Today “Samopomich” has 26 MPs, so we need to be realistic. We are ready to take responsibility, but within the scope of the credibility that we have among the Ukrainian people. There are two largest factions in the Parliament: Petro Poroshenko Bloc and “People’s Front”. They are obliged to offer their own variants and not to “pass the buck” to “Samopomich”. They have made a real mess, the country has great problems and now they are calling “Samopomich” to save the situation. How? With the help of the Parliament that has one position in the morning and a different one till the lunch time, because this position is coordinated by people who are not in the Parliament? How can we act if the oligarchs introduce their visions through the Parliament?

We remember well how Petro Poroshenko Bloc was making decision as for Yatseniuk. In the morning they made a decision, they changed their mind by the lunch time. And in the evening they said that something had happened, but they had not understood anything. There is no trust in the actions of the factions. Because the decisions of these factions are adopted somewhere outside the parliament. “Samopomich”, on the contrary, makes decisions in the parliament. And it is consistent and you can predict its tomorrow’s and further decisions. While the other factions’ decisions are unpredictable, because the influence of the oligarchy is critical. The tension in the society is critical as well.

We have offered our vision: 1) the law on elections under the proportional system and open lists, 2) to replace the Central Election Commission which has discredited itself, 3) the new Prosecutor General.

If this is done, the tension level in the political circles will drop, and it will be possible to calmly discuss the issue of the government. Then it will be possible to take further steps.

We must work more and talk less. It’s a great pity that for the last 3 weeks our politicum has stuck in the “discussions”. I would send all our politicum to towns and villages, to the people, for them to give our politicians a good dressing down. Then, maybe, they would learn how to make decisions quick enough. Maybe they would become a bit wiser.”

Andrij Sadovyj
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