Present atmosphere on the border with Crimea is reminiscent of Maidan – Semenchenko

The initiated by public commodity blockade of Crimea should be supported and settled at the legislative level.

This was stated by a deputy of the “Samopomich” faction, Semen Semenchenko, who is on the border of the occupied peninsula with mainland Ukraine.

He has noted that now on the border along with the MPs there is a troop of the “Donbas” battalion veterans whose tents are pitched on the border.

“In the tents one can receive informational; we are going to provide the protesters with warm food,” he said.

With regard to the purpose of the deputies’ stay on the site of the blockade, Semenchenko said that they had come to examine the situation and to help properly organize the social and economic links between mainland Ukraine and the occupied by Russia Crimea.

“The problem is that every day around 500 trucks that come to the Crimea are carrying transit cargo which goes to Russia from the peninsula,” says Semenchenko.

In addition, he notes that the supply of goods into the occupied Crimea lets Aksyonov maintain the illusion of social and economic prosperity on the peninsula.

“Local activists give it to us straight that they are willing to tolerate, eat only bread and scrape for all the brainwashed citizens to finally realize the real state of things,” said the parliamentarian.

The MP also notes that the atmosphere on the border of the peninsula is now similar to the one during Maidan, the rise of social activity is felt.

“Our task is to steer this public rise in the legislative direction. The bill developed by Yehor Soboliev, Yaroslav Markevych and me has been discussed among experts for more than 8 months; we have already received advice from Donbas-SOS community, it is high time the bill was considered in the hall of the Parliament,” said the MP.

This document, according to Semenchenko, offers to resolve the socio-economic relations with the occupied territories in the interests of the state of Ukraine, not in the interests of the aggressor and individual oligarchs, but at the same time to prevent the development of a humanitarian crisis in the Russian-controlled territories.

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