The main task now is to protect the election results during the counting of votes – Sotnyk

Lack of adequate reaction to violations of the electoral law back during the pre-election campaign led to a significant number of violations – both on the part of the members of electoral commissions and the participants of the electoral process.

This was stated by a deputy of the “Samopomich” Union” faction, Olena Sotnyk, during a briefing on the results of the voting day.

“We lacked the response of law enforcement to what happened today and what happened previously. The absence of reaction leads to a great number of violations. This is one of the conclusions that we have to draw up,” she stated.

Also, she said, many violations had been provoked by the imperfection of the law on local elections.

“The law was adopted and finalized in a hurry. For example: control over ballots is very complicated, they are not numbered, they are to be numbered by hand; secondly, the only protection of these papers is a definite imprint, pattern. We know that there has been a lot of abuse in this prospect, a large number of unrecorded ballots,” said the deputy.

In her opinion, after the poll stations are closed, the main battle is to begin.

“Observers and those who should be present during the calculation must be very attentive to make sure that there will be neither planted ballots nor the existing ones will be spoiled. Thus, the main he main goal now is to protect the actual will of the citizens,” said the MP.

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