Decline of vocational education is the result of an unprofessional government management – Oleh Bereziuk

The decline in the system of vocational education is the result of ill-conceived government policies. This was stated by MP, Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, while discussing the need for parliamentary hearings on issues of vocational education as a component of a qualified human capacity of the country.

“The system of vocational education has not been ruined overnight. It has been falling into decay for decades. Why? Because nobody paid attention to professionalism and technicality in our state. Nobody needed this; everyone wanted to become lawyers and economists, but there is neither law, nor economy in this country. What we are doing now is extinguish the fire of unprofessional government management,” he said.

Chairman of the faction also drew attention to the peculiarities of the principle of vocational education financing. “We believe that vocational education should be funded from two budgets: without reducing state funding involve local funding as well. Vocational schools should educate those professionals who are needed by the city, not some ephemeral state planning. The city should be actively involved in the education and support of the children whom it needs to employ. Then there’s the double funding – the state one providing basic support for the industry, and the city funding,” he stressed.


Oleh Berezyuk
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