Securing a special status of Donbas in the Constitution legitimizes Russian mercenaries – Vice-Speaker

Arguing the need to “demonstrate compliance with the Minsk agreements”, there are attempts to force the MPs to secure a special status of Donbas in the Constitution. This was stated by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroid on her Facebook page.

According to her, there are attempt to impose a special status for the territories controlled by the DNR and LNR, for it to stop being a war for which should be held accountable those countries that guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity under the Budapest memorandum.

“The world wants it to become an “internal conflict” because it got tired and wants to get rid of this extremely uncomfortable issue. And the Kremlin dreams that the world will treat that as a “Ukrainian crisis”, because from the very beginning it has been telling the world tales that there are no Russian troops in the east, there are no mercenaries, no “Grad” and “Buk” systems. There is only a bunch of “miners” and “tractorists”, whom “Kyiv doesn’t want to hear,” she says.

In addition, the Vice-Speaker noted that the Kremlin wanted these “missing” Russian troops and mercenaries by means of the special status to get access to the political process in Ukraine and the opportunity to influence its foreign policy and funding from the state budget at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

“The text of these amendments to the Constitution has already been prepared in the Presidential Administration. It is now under consideration by the Committee. Tomorrow it will be proposed to the Parliament,” said the deputy.

She stressed that the pressure on Ukraine to amend the Constitution is a denial of the rights of the Ukrainian people to self-determination.

“Any special status for Donbas in the Constitution – that is the legitimation of Russian troops and mercenaries in the territory of Ukraine. And their integration into Ukrainian politics is not just the end of the European prospects for Ukraine, it is a success of the Kremlin’s plan and the end of the Ukrainian state,” said Syroid.

Oksana Syroid
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